January 31, 2001

ABC Spills Osmond Family Secrets
The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) - It wasn't all sunshine and lollipops being a singing, dancing member of the Osmonds in the 1970s. Really. Sure, the brothers had girls chasing them and guys wanting to be them. The worldwide travel, magazine covers and gold records were great, too. But behind the toothy grins and wholesome, milk-drinking image, there was fighting, heartache, rebellion and bad investments. Working amid the smoking, drinking and cussing of show business also clashed with the family's Mormon religious values.

It's all revealed - along with white jumpsuits, fringe and polyester - in the ABC movie "Inside the Osmonds," airing Monday at 8 PM EST.

The film "was almost therapy in a way for my family. It really shows what happened. Some of it was hard to swallow," said Jimmy Osmond, who served as one of six Executive Producers. "For many years, we would just not talk about anything that is negative, and now everybody is kind of having fun sharing the true Osmond story."

It wasn't easy getting Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Marie, Jimmy, and Tom and Virl (the two oldest brothers, who are hearing-impaired), along with parents George and Olive, to agree on the script.

Not everyone remembered those crazy days the same way. And dredging up hurt feelings from three decades ago brought some tears.

"It was interesting to have a meeting of the minds and say, 'Did you really feel that way about me?'" Jimmy said in a telephone interview from Branson, MO, where he and some of the brothers perform more than 300 shows a year in their own theater.

"Merrill was kind of in denial about his feelings. He said, 'Hey, I never felt bad about being pushed back,' and when he saw the way it was, he just wept," Jimmy said. "It was very healing."

The girls who screamed and cried over the Osmonds in the 70s might have been shocked to know what really happened:

The Symbionese Liberation Army, a revolutionary group that kidnapped Patty Hearst in 1974, once threatened to bomb the Osmonds' concerts. "Everyone's a critic," replied one of the brothers.

Donny and Jay engaged in a major makeout session with fan-club members. True to their morals, the brothers kept their pants on and kicked out the girls for getting too frisky.

Merrill rebelled after being replaced by Donny as the group's lead singer.

Donny fumed at being the butt of jokes on the goofy "Donny and Marie" variety show; Marie briefly starved herself after an ABC executive scolded her for gaining weight.

Father George and brother Alan were plagued with guilt over misguided investments that left the family on the verge of bankruptcy.

"How many people could lose $80 million and still be talking to each other?" said Veronica Cartwright, who plays Olive. "That's a devastating loss and for the family to all stick together, that's amazing."

Cartwright and Bruce McGill, who plays George, started out as skeptics, but wound up respecting the clan, whose motto was "family, faith and work in that order."

"I was guilty like anyone of being prejudicial about the Osmonds," said McGill, whose musical tastes in the 70s ran to the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Bob Dylan. "They were super-skilled pros, and that was a bit surprising."

The movie's final scene features a rare reunion of the family that has sold 80 million records and had 48 gold and platinum albums. The actors start out singing "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother," then give way to the real-life Osmonds, including gray-haired Merrill and Jay.

"There were a lot of hardened industry people there and they were crying," Jimmy recalled.

"I've been around and seen a lot," McGill said, "but it was as truly moving as anything I've been exposed to."

Just flying 11 Osmonds to the Canadian set required three chartered jets and massive rearranging of schedules.

"Alan was reluctant because of his multiple sclerosis. It's hard for him," Jimmy said. "My mom and dad don't love to travel and it was very cold in Winnipeg. The brothers and I were doing Christmas shows and Marie was doing doll shows. This is probably one of the last projects we'll do as a family," he said. "Everybody is doing their own thing.

   January 31, 2001


The Access Hollywood segment on "Inside The Osmonds" is scheduled to air Monday, February 5...set those VCR's! Check your local listings for time and channel.

   January 30, 2001 - Update

Keep an eye on ABC's Entertainment Tonight! There is supposed to be a segment on "Inside The Osmonds" on tonight's program!

Entertainment Tonight should be airing another segment on “Inside The Osmonds,” Friday, February 2. Jimmy is participating in a satellite media tour this Friday from L.A. If it is at all possible, we will get a list online of stations around the country that are on board for this. A Salt Lake City Tribune article will run February 2, as will the Chicago Tribune.

   February 6, 2001 Edition

The National Enquirer

Squeaky-Clean Osmonds Dish Up the Dirt on TV
(page 2)
By Patricia Towle

The squeaky-clean Osmonds are ripping the lid off their private lives in a new TV movie – and the Enquirer has an exclusive sneak preview.

“Inside The Osmonds” airs February 5 on ABC – and shows America’s most wholesome showbiz family like never before.

“This is an honest look at the way we were,” Jimmy Osmond, 37, youngest of nine siblings told The Enquirer. “Viewers will realize our success did not come without a price – each of us has scars to show for it.”

According to an insider: “There’s one dramatic moment when a couple of the brothers nearly came to blows backstage. But finally, they let what’s best for the family win out.

“You’ll also see how the Osmonds handled the lean years when bad investments nearly cost them their careers – as well as their money.”

Family members privately wrestled with jealousy and bruised egos too, added Jimmy.

“People forget, the original Osmond Brothers had a large number of hits before the success of Donny and Marie. They went from having 47 gold and platinum records to appearing on the ‘Donny and Marie’ show dressed in lobster suits! That took a tremendous toll on my brothers.”

The movie ends with the whole family onstage singing their signature song, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.”

It could be the last time the public ever sees all the Osmonds performing together. “Their parents, George and Olive, are getting on in years,” said the insider.

“And there have also been well publicized health scares within the group – Merrill’s heart condition, Wayne’s brain tumor, Alan’s MS, Donny’s panic attacks and Marie’s depression. But the important thing to them is that they have weathered it together as a family.”

   February 2001 Edition

Tiger Beat Magazine

TB Tidbits
(page 17)
Who’s news on the small screen?

If you were reading Tiger Beat 30 years ago, you’d probably be a huge fan of The Osmonds, especially youngest brother Donny Osmond. He and his brothers scored 34 gold and platinum records in the 60s and 70s. Wonder what all the fuss was about? Then check out He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother, a TV drama about the original singing siblings airing on ABC-TV this month. (Correction: The movie is entitled “Inside The Osmonds,” not “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.”)

   January 9, 2001

Important Update!

This from ABC-TV... "Inside The Osmonds" will now be airing Monday, February 5, 8-10 PM. Originally, we were told it was to air the 4th, so make sure you make a note of this change!

In addition, Jimmy Osmond has done several syndicated interviews which will be popping up all over the media soon...so keep your eyes open! Jimmy, Veronica Cartwright (Olive Osmond), and Bruce McGill (George Osmond) have all done interviews with AP, so that will be dispersed throughout media soon as well. You'll also see coverage on the movie appearing on programs such as: ET, Access Hollywood, and E. As soon as we have any airdates, we'll post the information here.

US Weekly will be running a Q&A with Jimmy about the movie in their review section, which will run in the February 3 issue, or possibly just prior. And...don't forget the spread People Magazine will be doing on the Osmonds, and the movie, in their February issue.

   January 7, 2001

Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight aired a bit about "Inside The Osmonds" on their Saturday, January 6, 2001 program. ET did a piece on Teen Idols, and Donny was one of those featured. During that segment, ET also touched on the upcoming movie about the family. Not to worry if you missed it...ET should be airing at least one more segment featuring the movie before its airdate on February 4th!

   December 17, 2000

Some things to watch for...

People Magazine will have a feature on "Inside The Osmonds," currently scheduled for their February issue. Entertainment Tonight has two more segments covering the movie, which will be televised closer to the movie's airdate.

   December 14, 2000

Entertainment Tonight's coverage of "Inside The Osmonds"

Entertainment Tonight's coverage of the movie "Inside The Osmonds," is scheduled to air tonight, Thursday, December 14! This will include footage of the family's visit to Winnipeg this past Sunday.

Go to www.etonline.com, type Osmonds in their search, and you will be able to hear/read a portion of ET's interview with Merrill and Donny, and with Jimmy and Marie.

   Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Winnipeg Sun - Spotlight
John Kendle

Going the extra mile

Call it Puppy Love. More than 400 students from St. James-Assiniboia School Division made shooting concert scenes at the Winnipeg Arena extra special yesterday for actors playing the Osmond family in the ABC movie Inside the Osmonds.

The kids not only screamed for the Osmonds on cue, dozens of them stuck around during breaks to get autographs, photos or even just one more glimpse of the teen heartthrobs who play the 70s band members.

"Today has been great. Today and meeting the Osmonds was the best," 13-year-old Thomas Dekker (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) said during a break in the raucus action.

"It's the best today, it's so cool. All the extras are really cool. This is really making a difference, they've been good help - I've been signing lots of autographs today."

Dekker plays Donny Osmond as a young star, while Patrick Levis (YTV's So Weird) takes over as the older Donny, who was in Winnipeg in the flesh with the rest of his family this Sunday to meet the actors and shoot a finale scene. The family was not at yesterday's shoot.

"Donny was just a normal guy. He called me over and said - here's the best bit - he went, 'Hi, I'm Donny Osmond.' Like I didn't know!" Dekker said.

The extras were rounded up from 11 schools in the district. Some 150 will return today for stage-side closeups. And even after 10 hours of standing on the arena floor cheering and screaming through several takes of Puppy Love and other hits, the excitement wasn't beginning to wear off.

"We go to lots of boy band concerts, so we're used to standing around and waiting in line and screaming - it's like a hobby," 17-year-old Westwood Collegiate student Nicky Makris laughed.

Her pal Sarah Berzenji, 17, says she and her friends are familiar with the actors - particularly Miklos Perlus (Student Bodies), who plays Jay Osmond, and Levis and Dekker, both of whom attracted adoring crowds to the front of the stage.

Jason Knight (Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story) plays Wayne Osmond, and Joel Damon Berti (A Father's Son: The Michael Landon Story) is onboard as Alan.

Some 20 songs and dance numbers are being recreated for the movie, and the young extras wouldn't be surprised if some songs enjoy a renewed popularity.

"I don't think we're really familiar with their music. But this is cool because we're actually liking it," Berzenji says.

"I've never heard it like this," Bruce Henry Jr., 15, says. "I didn't know who sang Puppy Love until I got here today. I'd probably buy it now that I know where it came from."

The movie also stars Veronica Cartwright (The X-Files' Cassandra Spender) as mother Olive Osmond, Bruce McGill (The Legend of Bagger Vance) as father George, and Janaya Stevens (Left Behind) as Marie.

Production manager Lesley Oswald says the St. James-Assiniboia School District arranged to have 44 students from each of 11 schools attend the shoot.

In exchange, the kids, most in drama programs, got some on-set experience and met with a casting agent to get pointers on working on a professional film set.

Oswald also credits the staff of Winnipeg Arena for making the intense two-day shoot run smoothly - a job Arena public relations director Shirlee Preteau says they were only too happy to do.

"We're very excited about this. We've had a couple of commercials here, but never a feature film. We're very glad we could accommodate them here."

Shooting in Winnipeg wraps on December 19. Inside the Osmonds airs Sunday, February 4, on ABC.

   December 11, 2000

Front page newspaper article...

Winnipeg Free Press
Chilly city warms Osmonds' hearts
By Dinah Clarkson

THEY came, they sang, they reminisced. And, like everyone else in town this weekend, they nearly froze.

The entire Osmond family -- mom Olive, dad George and all nine siblings, Donny and Marie included -- arrived in Winnipeg late Saturday night to film the final sequence of the locally shot ABC TV movie, Inside the Osmonds. It was a whirlwind trip -- the family members headed back to their respective homes last night.

And was our wintery weather a shock to their systems?
"We're from the mountains so we're used to the cold," said youngest sibling Jimmy, who's acting as an executive producer on the movie.

"But it really is cold here."

"Let me put it this way," added Marie, laughing. "It's cold at home but I sleep with the windows open. I would never do that here."

In the film, the clan from Ogden, Utah, are portrayed as their younger selves by actors. But yesterday, it was the flesh-and-blood Osmonds who took centre stage at the Walker Theatre, performing He Ain't Heavy for legions of cheering extras. American media outlets Entertainment Tonight and People magazine were also on hand to capture some of the action.

The whole family was thrilled to be in town this weekend to participate, said Jimmy.

"We're honoured that the community has rallied around this production," he said. "I think we have a happy story to tell and we're glad to be telling it here in Winnipeg."

"To perform and to have this show about us is very flattering," said Marie. "We're a unique family."

Seeing their lives acted out by a group of mop-topped young actors in sequins has made for a surreal experience, said older brother Merrill. Ditto on the reappearance -- 30 years later -- of screaming girls in "I Love Donny" T-shirts.

"It's bizarre," he said, shaking his head. "It's really strange. But we're enjoying every bit of it."

Inside the Osmonds, to air on TV this February, tells of more than just the gold records and fainting fans. The Mormon family has always struggled with the nature of the entertainment business; the film, they say, will reveal many hardships their fans never knew about.

"It's not just peace, love and the Osmonds -- the whole '70s thing," said Jimmy. "It's also about some of the real conflicts that we had growing up in an industry that's not conducive to family."

In fact, their experiences with show biz were such that now, when asked, Jimmy, Marie and Merrill agree that, given the opportunity to do it all again, they might have taken different routes in life.

"I don't think we'd want to repeat it," said Merrill.

"I think the joys outweigh the sorrows," added Marie. "We're not ones to sit and say our lives were really tough because everyone has tough lives. But it has been challenging. The odds were against us."

   December 11, 2000

ABC-TV currently has "Inside The Osmonds" scheduled to air Sunday, February 4, 2001. The movie will be available in closed caption for the hearing impaired.

Watch for a special webpage coming soon covering the filming which took place Sunday, December 10, while the family was in Winnipeg.

   December 10, 2000

Winnipeg Free Press

The Osmond family made a whirlwind trip to Winnipeg on the weekend to shoot a TV movie about their lives which will detail many hardships they say weren't well-known. In the ABC movie, "Inside the Osmonds," the clan from Ogden, Utah are portrayed as their younger selves by actors. But Sunday, it was the Osmonds who took the stage at the Walker Theatre, performing "He Ain't Heavy" for legions of cheering extras. The segment will form the movie's final sequence. American media outlets Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine were also on hand to capture some of the action.

The Osmond Brothers were teenage singing sensations, producing 34 gold and platinum records in the '60s and '70s. Donny and Marie had success both individually, and as a duo, with their '70s variety show Donny and Marie and, most recently, their daily TV talk show of the same name.

The movie will reveal hardships faced by the Mormon family which often struggled with the nature of the entertainment business. "It's not just peace, love and the Osmonds, it's the whole 70s thing," said Jimmy Osmond, "It's also about some of the real conflicts that we had growing up in an industry that's not conducive to family."

Their experiences with the industry were such that now, when asked, Jimmy, Marie and older brother Merrill agree that given the opportunity to do it all again, they might have taken different routes in life. "I don't think we'd want to repeat it," said Merrill. Marie added, "I think the joys outweigh the sorrows. We're not ones to sit and say our lives were really tough, because everyone has tough lives. But it has been challenging."

The movie is to be broadcast in February.

   December 10, 2000

A big thank you to Thomas Dekker, who plays the younger Donny in "Inside The Osmonds," for sharing this update on a very exciting time in Winnipeg today…

The actors got to meet the whole family, had photos taken, and even got autographs. Thomas has some drawing talents, and had drawn a picture of Donny, which he gave to him for his birthday. Janaya (older Marie) bought Thomas the Goin' Coconuts LP, and had Donny and Marie sign it for him. This is Thomas' first actual record album! He says they get to keep some of the clothes from the movie, which is great for Thomas since he has a love for things from the 70s.

Thomas tells us that the Osmonds are some of the nicest people he ever met. Thomas was thrilled when Donny called over, "Hey Thomas!"…they proceeded to become acquainted with each other. Donny asked how he felt about playing the part of Donny, and what was the hardest thing about the role. Thomas told Donny the hardest thing was, that he was there watching him act out the part of Donny. Donny told him there was one thing wrong with his acting…Thomas was playing the part of Donny "too nice," and Donny pretended he was going to beat him up. :-) Donny asked what songs they shot, then asked, "Have you got the dance moves down?" The two of them began to dance the Sweet & Innocent moves together. Thomas said Jay was doing the same thing with Miklos Perlus on the Crazy Horses dance moves. All in all, the actors and "real" Osmonds had a great time meeting one another and filming the end of what is sure to be a very exciting movie!

Marie thanked the crowd of extras on hand for the scenes, for reuniting her with her family. Thomas said when the Osmonds walk by, you can feel their electricity, and you can see how dedicated they are to their work.

The actors are scheduled to wrap this Friday, December 15, with the entire production scheduled to wrap December 18. Thomas said it is going to be hard to say goodbye to his fellow actors, because they have come to feel like a family.

   December 10, 2000

The entire Osmond Family left from all parts of the country last night and converged on Winnepeg, Canada to join the cast of their TV movie, "Inside the Osmonds." The family will be spending the day filming the end of the movie, in which the entire family will appear.

   December 9, 2000

Winnipeg Sun
Osmonds Turn Biography Filming into Family Affair
By Randall King

For the past month, actors have been portraying the Osmonds in the biographical TV movie being
Tomorrow, it'll be the real deal.

Call it Osmonds Eleven, when nine Osmond siblings (including Donny, Marie, Jimmy, Merrill, Jay, Wayne, Alan, Tom and Virl), along with their parents Olive and George, will enjoy a rare working family reunion as they gather here to film a closing segment of the ABC-TV movie.

For at least five of the Osmond brothers, it will be a return visit. The family once performed here at a boat show in the late '60s.

Different permutations of Osmonds still perform together, typically at the Osmond Theatre in Branson, Mo. The owner of the theatre is youngest clan member Jimmy Osmond, 37, who is co-executive producer of the film, along with Merv Griffin.

Locations around Winnipeg have been doubling for the Osmond home of Ogden, Utah, and other locales. The movie, a product of California-based von Zerneck-Sertner Films, will draw on the four-decade career of the famous family, with particular emphasis on the late '60s through the early '80s.

Unlike most entertainment-oriented TV biographies, drug and alcohol problems won't be a factor, although the film will likely address some of the family's personal crises.

ABC is expected to air the film in February.

   December 8, 2000

Winnipeg Free Press
It's the invasion of the Osmonds!
By Dinah Clarkson

LOOK out -- the Osmonds are coming to town. Not just Donny and Marie, but all of them.

The nine siblings from Ogden, Utah -- Virl, Tom, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Marie and Jimmy (phew!) -- will breeze into Winnipeg for a quick 24 hours this weekend to participate in the filming of Inside the Osmonds, an ABC television movie about their lives being shot here.

Although they're being portrayed by actors in the film, the real-life clan will be featured in the movie's final sequence. The brothers and sisters will arrive from various parts of the United States late tomorrow and early Sunday, shoot the footage, and then fly back to their various homes. Rumour has it Entertainment Tonight will also fly into town to capture some of the action on the set.

"It's going to be a very busy day," said Randy Sutter, one of the film's producers.

Whether Winnipeg will play host to Olive and George Osmond -- the 75-year-old matriarch and 83-year-old patriarch of the Mormon family -- is unknown.

Inside the Osmonds, which began shooting in late November, is being produced by L.A.-based company Von Zerneck-Sertner Films and is to air on TV in February. Merv Griffin is also acting as an executive producer for the movie, as is Jimmy Osmond.

Onscreen, George and Olive will be played by Bruce McGill (The Legend of Bagger Vance) and Veronica Cartwright (The Right Stuff). Other actors participating include Joel Berti (The Michael Landon Story), Patrick Levis (Broadway's Big) and Janaya Stephens (The Skulls).

The Osmond Brothers were teenage singing sensations, producing 34 gold and platinum records in the '60s and '70s. Donny and Marie had success both individually and as a duo with their '70s variety show Donny and Marie and, most recently, their daily TV talk show of the same name.

Inside the Osmonds will tell of the dramas that lurked behind the family's successful musical careers. First-born siblings Virl and Tom are hearing-impaired and Alan has multiple sclerosis. In recent years, Donny has spoken publicly of the panic attacks that plagued him as a performer and Marie has talked of her struggles with post-partum depression.

   December 4, 2000

Many of you have responded to the "premiere" of these webpages with several questions. First of all, the photos in the photo gallery at this time were taken in the early stages of wardrobe and wig fittings. The looks have changed quite a bit since the initial photo shoots. The actors are working very hard, and are all quite honored to be playing the parts of "Osmonds." Several Osmond family members have spoken with the actors playing them, and have been quite impressed. Also, some of the takes have already been viewed by family members, and they are most pleased with the talent in this cast. Jimmy Osmond is one of the Executive Producers, and all Osmonds have been actively giving input into the making of this movie. Comments from the actors, as well as Osmond family members, will be shared on these webpages soon...so be sure to keep posted! These pages will be changing quite frequently to bring you the latest updates.

   December 2, 2000

Update from the set...courtesy of actress Kalyn Bomback

Filming of "Inside the Osmonds" has been such a wonderful experience so far. What terrific talent has been cast in the roles of the Osmond Family. Consumate actors who really know their craft, brilliant direction, and a professional crew that is working so diligently, will all make this into a terrific end product. Bruce McGill has been cast as Papa Osmond...and I need say no more there!! All the cast members are working so hard to make this a success. Patrick Levis (Donny) and Miklos Perlus (Jay) are the two actors that my character, Karen, (played by me, Kalyn Bomback) and the character of Roberta (played by Honore McIlwaine-Collard), play opposite. The hours are long, but the atmosphere on set is really good. Everyone seems congenial, and the comraderie between the actors is terrific. So far, from all reports.....the food on set has been consistently good. That's always important! *smile* The weather has been decent and cooperating for this time of year. Some sun, some cloud, but no major snowstorms to hamper production. All in all, I think this is going to be a quality product that will really give insight into the life and times of the Osmond Family.
Regards, Kalyn

   December 1, 2000

The Osmonds will all be traveling to the movie set in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Sunday, December 10. The family will be filming the closing of the movie, where they will be appearing as themselves!

   November 24, 2000

Winnipeg Free Press
Bagger Vance Actor Cast as Osmond Patriarch

Finally, some details on casting for Inside The Osmonds, the ABC made-for-TV movie being shot here in Winnipeg. The film, produced by von Zerneck/Sertner Films of L.A., is being made with the support of Utah's famous musical family.

Actor Bruce McGill has been cast as the family patriarch, George; he can currently be seen on the big screen in The Legend of Bagger Vance. He also had a role in last year's The Insider.

At least two young actors have been cast to play Donny at different ages: Thomas Dekker, 12, who played Nick on Honey I Shrunk The Kids: The TV Show, and Patrick Levis, 18, who played young Josh in the Broadway version of Big.

Actress Janaya Stephens (The Skulls, Left Behind) will play a teenage Marie Osmond and Joel Berti, who played Michael Landon Jr. in the TV movie Michael Landon: The Father I Knew, will play big brother Alan.

Directing is Vancouverite Neill Fearnley, who also directed Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story for VH1, that movie was shot in Toronto last spring. Fearnley has also directed episodes for a plethora of Canadian TV shows including The Beachcombers, Madison, The Outer Limits and Danger Bay. He's no stranger to Winnipeg, having directed multiple episodes of My Life as a Dog, which was shot and produced right here in Manitoba by Credo Entertainment.

Inside The Osmonds will film at various downtown locations including, apparently, the Hotel Fort Garry. Word has it there is an abundance of elaborate and kitschy set props and costumes, not surprising since the film takes place in the pop music world of the 60s and 70s.

   November 23, 2000

Things are moving right along with the production of the movie. There was a script read through the other night. The actors got to meet one another, and it didn't take long before everyone was talking and inter-acting. Production begins tomorrow, Saturday, November 24. There is a lot of talent in this cast!

This update - courtesy of Kalyn, an actress who plays a scene opposite Jay's character.

   Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Winnipeg Free Press
Osmond Movie Being Shot in Winnipeg
By Dinah Clarkson

KEEP your eyes peeled for young '70s pop stars in kitschy clothing.
In a few weeks, filming will begin in Winnipeg on a TV movie about the Osmond family.

Von Zerneck/Sertner Films, an L.A.-based company, will produce the film for ABC. They're already in town filming Acceptable Risk, a medical thriller for TBS, and will begin production on the Osmond movie on Nov. 23. The film will shoot for about 20 days, ending just before Christmas.

Casting has yet to be announced.

"They're in Toronto right now doing some casting," said Peter Sadowski, an associate producer with von Zerneck/Sertner. "There are no names yet. They're also looking at choreographers. It's the '70s, so it's a very distinctive look -- how the Osmond family were and how their dances were. It's very Vegas and at the same time very small-town. They had that clean, wholesome approach."

The film will tell the story of the entire family, who are Mormon and hail from Ogden, Utah. The rumour is that George and Olive Osmond -- the patriarch and matriarch of the clan -- will be played by more recognizable actors with the nine Osmond kids played by newcomers.

The Osmond Brothers -- Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay and Donny -- were America's original boy band, and between their career and, later, Donny's successful careers both as a solo artist and with younger sister Marie, the Osmonds earned 23 gold records between 1971 and 1978.

Donny and Marie also teamed up for their own ABC variety show, which aired from 1976 to 1979.

In recent years, Donny has publicly discussed the numbing panic attacks he frequently experienced as a performer while Marie has talked of her struggles with post-partum depression.

The above information was used by permission of von Zerneck/Sertner Films.
A special thanks to the cast and crew of "Inside The Osmonds"
for sharing this information with us.

Information compiled for this webpage by Terri Shoemaker & Teresa Heard.