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Hi there!

Wow! Life has been busy lately! Jay left a few weeks ago for Vegas and then went on to Branson. I really miss him! It's going to be a long Fall/Christmas Season for me. He left in August and won't be back until Christmas. Ugh! The good news is I get to go visit him for a week at the end of September. I'm looking forward to that so much! Jay will still be working while I'm there, but it's a vacation for me.

Until I get to go to Branson, I look fondly at this photo I took of the last glass of water Jay brought to me before he left. One of his favorite things to do is bring me water, wherever I am, whether it's bottled or from the tap with ice, because my favorite thing to drink is water. I know it's sounds silly, but it's a sweet way he says, "I'm thinking of you."

Can you believe our oldest son, Jason (Elder Osmond,) will be 21 on the 23rd of September?!? Time seems to go faster and faster the older I get. Ha! He's really excited for this birthday. He'll still be serving his mission in Tennessee, but I'm sure he and his companions will make the day extra fun. Jason can make ANYTHING fun! That's just the way he is. Our "happy face Jason." Oh I miss him too! I keep this bottle (for water, of course) on the credenza behind my chair in Kandi's Korner. It says "Nashville" and always reminds me of him.

Eric is 18 now and has moved to an apartment while he attends college. He's a super bright kid, does well in school, and loves a challenge. He isn't very far away from home, thank goodness. He's attending Utah Valley University about a half hour away. He seems to find his way home whenever he runs out of clean laundry or misses some "home cooking" - Ha! It's always such a pleasure to see him, because I miss him too!

He gave me this wooden cut-out for Christmas last year. It says "RELAX" (always a good reminder for me). I keep it on the shelf in Kandi's Korner.

Marc and I are enjoying having some time together, just the two of us. We call it "M&M Time" (Marc and Mom). Thank goodness I have him. He keeps life hopping for me! He's in 8th Grade and has more friends and activities than I can count - Ha! He's also a good student and is REALLY into astronomy. He's saving up to buy a telescope. I really like this fact because, not only is it educational, but he's been VERY consistent in getting his chores done lately in order to earn money.  :-) 

I love this photo of Marcus and me. I also love the photo we took before Jason left for his mission. It's of me and my three boys. The frame says, "It's good to be Queen".

I've been really busy keeping up with Kandi's Korner. Our sales have been picking up, not only on etsy, but at boutiques as well. It's exciting and a LOT of work. Sharee and I are scheduled for a craft fair in Spanish Fork in October, so there's always a lot creating to be done (my favorite part)! I sincerely appreciate those of you who have purchased items from us. It's so much fun to know our creations have found homes from Florida to California; from Japan to the Netherlands!

As a kid, my favorite holiday was Halloween. My family kept a box full of costumes in the garage in California, where I lived, and I couldn't wait for my dad to get it down off the shelf at the beginning of October each year. I would dress up in the costumes all month long, trying to decide if I wanted to be 'this' or 'that'. My brother, Kevin, was really into haunted houses; and my mom would even dress up each year, so the holiday was always really fun at our house! My mom had some Halloween decorations made of paper that she would hang from the ceiling or tape onto the walls each year. Whenever she would put those up, my heart would just pound with anticipation! I guess that's why Sharee, Kevin, and I have been having so much fun making Fall/Halloween decorations to sell. Kevin worked at "haunted houses" almost every year since he was a teenager, even after he got married. In fact, he and Sharee MET while setting up the "Haunted Mansion" in American Fork, Utah several years ago. I think Kev would still love to be working there, but now, with three little kids and two jobs, it's a little hard to find the time. He HAS managed to find time to make some Halloween items for us to sell, though. Watch for them to appear soon in Kandi's Korner!

Have an awesome day!



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