Holmdel, New Jersey

June 15, 2010 - Wayne, Merrill, Jay and Jimmy
performed before a huge, enthusiastic crowd at
The PNC Arts Center

These photos have quite an artistic twist this time around,
offering a different look from "behind the scenes"
with Jason Osmond...

A couple of "Father-Son" moments in the Green Room

Below - Jason shows a peek into the backstage area

Below - Keyboardist and Tech, Scott Taylor with Jason

Setting up the stage - a peek from behind the stage curtain...

Above - Jason, Bryan Lawson (Bass) and Gene Puckett (Guitar)

Below - Jay and Steve Mason (Drums) setting up

Above - Merrill getting ready for show time

Below - Crazy Wayne

Below - Having fun with the camera - taking his picture into a mirror

Almost show time - below is a view of what Jay saw from his vantage point when he drummed

Below - Steve Mason (Drummer) and Jason

Jason - More playing around with the camera

And now, some performance photos...

Jason looked on as the show began

The Osmond Brothers enjoyed their show in Holmdel, New Jersey

Jay and Jason greeted some audience members

After the show, Jay and Jason headed to New York City for some sight-seeing...
click here to see photos from their adventure.





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Thank you to Jason Osmond and Carol Anton, Trina Minnich, Christine W (performance pictures) for sharing their photos.

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