I am very excited about this latest CD release from my nephew, Jared.  The CD is a tremendous spiritual and emotional compilation of life’s trials and tribulations.  I am so impressed by this latest work of Jared’s, that I can’t say enough good things about it!  Check it out, I promise you will love it.

Congratulations Jared ~ your Uncle Jay is so proud of you!

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The Stories Behind the Music

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From jaredosmond.com...

I know that for some of you, this was a long wait. I have been talking about doing an album for years! It’s the journey that has taken me to this point; taken me to the realization that I needed to do this. Through the last ten years I have had experiences, or have lived through the experiences (successes and tragedies) of close family and friends. Now these ten very personal and touching songs are finally recorded and on the way. The purpose for me re-entering the music world has been one of lifting others to a new place. I hope that you will find my music interesting and uplifting. I hope that you will feel the intense emotional draw that some of these songs have. I have a story behind each one that I will share inside the album cover and on my website soon. The title track, “Innocent Ones,” was chosen as the title because of my love for children. Hey, we’re all just big kids anyway right? I look forward to sharing more with you through the year to come.

Enjoy the album.
Jared Osmond




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