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Jason George Osmond was born in Provo, Utah, September 23, 1988.  He is the eldest son of Jay and Kandilyn Osmond.  Jason's father, Jay, is the sixth child of the world famous Osmond Entertainment Family.  Named one of the top drummers in the country during the 1970s, father Jay put a pair of drumsticks in Jason's hands when he was two years old.  He's had a love for drumming ever since.  Being born into a family of entertainers, Jason first took the stage when he was about four years old, at the Osmond Family Theater in Branson, Missouri.  He sang, danced, and played musical instruments during the summer months and the Christmas seasons at The Osmond Family Theater from 1992-2000. 

Jason has achieved the Eagle Scout Award, earned his "Duty to God" religious merit, during high school he was named student of the month twice, and was voted "Best Smile" in high school.

In 2004, Jason was the drummer for a local band in his hometown, Walkins Lane.  They recorded one CD and performed at various events.  He later joined his brother, Eric, and cousins Alex and Tyler (Osmond Brother Alan's youngest sons) in a band called Set In Stone (pictured to the right).  Their band took second place in "The Blaze Battle of the Bands - Utah Championship" sponsored by radio station 94.9 "The Blaze," and received a record deal with Rose Bud Records.  They were also Utah's regional winner in "Battle of the Bands." 

A 2006 Graduate, Jason's interests have stayed with the field of entertainment.  He was a featured extra in a Ford Motor Company commercial produced by Avalon Productions in 2006.  Also during 2006, he posed for various print advertisements with Image Model for Rubberball Productions.  In 2007, Jason co-starred in the Candlelight Media Group movie production, "Turn Around."  He also appeared in the movie, "The 11th Hour," produced by John Lyde.  December of 2008, Jason worked as stage manager for the Lowe Family of Utah during their eastern U.S. month-long tour.  He could also be seen on camera in the final show of ABC's season five Dancing With The Stars, while attending to support his aunt, Marie Osmond.  Jason also joined the entire Osmond family on a special Oprah Show in November 2007, which was devoted to the family's 50th Anniversary in Entertainment.

January 2008 brought the announcement that Jason received his mission call with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He left for his mission training April 16, 2008, and served two years at the Tennessee Nashville Mission.

Jason returned from his mission in April 2010 and is studying to get his realtors license.  Jason also plans attend UVSC (Utah Valley State College), and would like to study multi-media.  He's also interested in landing more movie roles.  He hopes to one day have a career in the entertainment industry like his father; "It is what I've grown up learning," said Jason.


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