Eric is the middle son of Jay and Kandilyn Osmond.
Eric plays drums and guitar, likes to draw, and enjoys various sports...
to name a few of his interests.

Whenever possible, Eric will join his dad on the road. 
Above, Eric enjoyed being a part of the autograph line years ago after a performance in Irvine, California.

Eric did very well in karate;
following are his mother's memories from one of his tournaments...

Saturday, Sept 13, 2003, Eric competed in a regional karate tournament.  There were kids there from all over Utah and parts of Arizona and Nevada.  Eric competed in the 11-12 year old bracket against other kids who have purple, blue and green belts (Eric has a blue belt).  He competed in two competitions.  One was by performing a "standard form" (Eric chose to use his nun chucks).  He did a great job and won first place.  Then they had a "sparring match"  where he also won first place.  It was a very exciting moment!!  I had tears in my eyes as they called his name for first place each time.  I was even more proud of the fact that he handled himself with a great deal of grace and dignity.  Even if he hadn't won, I would have still been very proud of him because he truly did his best!
~ Kandilyn Osmond

Enjoy some of Eric's drawings when he was younger...

Eric's uncles and dad!


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