It seems Jay Osmond just can't stay away from the game of football!
Anyone who knows anything about Jay, knows of his love for the game.
Last year Jay sponsored and played quarterback on a
flag football team in Springfield, MO.
Lately, he's been out on the field practicing
with the Springfield Rifles, the semi-pro team out of Springfield, Missouri!
Jay has really enjoyed his practices with the Rifles,
and has been quite excited to see he can still throw the ball.
Jay likes keeping that arm in shape!

The Springfield Rifles is a semi-pro football team. They began as a member of the South Central Football League (SCFL), which is a 10-member league in the Midwest. They later merged into the North American Football League (NAFL), where there are over 50 teams in membership located throughout the U.S. and Hawaii. The Springfield Rifles are members of the United States Football Association and the American Football Association.

  Being a big fan of the Rifles,  
Jay catches their games whenever he can.

For those who love to watch the Springfield Rifles
play as much as Jay,
click here for Rifles schedule information and more!

Working out with the Springfield Rifles
has reminded this "40-something" drummer/football player
that a few aches and pains come along with the game.
A friend of Jay's has shared a product with him,
which he says really works!

From O'Brien's World Famous Inc. ...
The All Natural O'Brien's World Famous
Australian Oil of Eucalyptus

This is a blended topical product of Eucalyptus oil,
Grape seed oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil and vitamin E.
For hundreds of years, eucalyptus oil has been used by the people
of Australia to relieve pain, encourage better and more relaxed breathing,
aid in the relief of insect bites, and relieve minor burns and skin irritations.

For more information on this product, click here.

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