It is with great PRIDE to announce that the Osmond Family will be received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, with the Star Ceremony taking place sometime August 2003. Jane and Mike Malcom began the Osmond Family Star Project which submitted the nomination, and have worked successfully to raise the funds necessary for the actual production and installment of the star. Osmond fans everywhere unanimously agreed this would be a wonderful gift to the family, in appreciation for more than 40 years of excellent entertainment and their positive examples. As part of this project, many fans worked diligently on fund-raising projects to reach this goal.

Lynn Marie Roberts had an exciting idea, which has proven to be quite popular. “I’ve often wished that I could do something to show how proud I am to be an Osmond fan. When fans were asked to help support the efforts for nominating the family for a star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame, I knew my chance had come,” said Lynn Marie. Lynn remembered a phrase someone once told her, an “O” always comes full other words, where there once was a beginning there will never be an end. She paired this concept with a golden star symbolizing one great family, and “Star Pride” was born!

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the success of these shirts. Ten dollars from each shirt sold has gone towards the Star Project, and my contribution through the sale of these shirts continues to grow each day. To date, I have sold just over 100 shirts making the donation over $1,000. I also created lapel pins called ‘Pride Pins’,” said Lynn Marie.

Star Pride is reached out to fans world-wide with orders sent as far away as Australia, Japan, Hawaii, Canada, England, Scotland Norway and the U.S.

Osmond Brothers Wayne, Merrill and Jay first saw the “Star Pride” shirts at their July 27, 2002, concert in Wisconsin. The brothers were very touched to see so many fans “sporting” the “Star Pride” shirts. In August 2003, Lynn Marie was able to present Wayne, Merrill and Jay each with a shirt for their wives.

Jay, youngest son Marcus,
and Lynn Marie Roberts

Jay wanted to share Lynn’s story about the shirts on his website, and to thank those who have supported Lynn Marie’s efforts in this very touching project.

Lynn Marie shares, “Remember, tomorrow and always...
Osmond fans are living proof that their music will continue, and so will the PRIDE. Through that, there will be no end!”

Jay, Merrill & Wayne - Signed a "Star Pride" Shirt in Wisconsin

The "Star Pride" shirt pictured above was signed by each of the performing Osmonds,
then auctioned off, with proceeds going to the Osmond Family Star Project!

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~ Photos shared by Dee Chouinard and Lynn Marie Roberts ~


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