February 1, 2016

Hello Friends,

Last month found us back home after a very busy December of performing. Karen and I just sold our home and are moving...AGAIN! Our new house is one we really wanted when we were first married, so hopefully this time we will stay put for a long while. Ha!

Karen and I took a fun trip to Disneyland last month. I met up with the good old Dapper Dans (boy, that really took me back to when Alan, Wayne, Merrill and myself sang with the Dapper Dans in Disneyland at the start of our careers). I posted a fun video of me singing with them on my Facebook and Twitter, but if you missed it, take a look on our YouTube Channel.

While at Disneyland, Karen and I visited the Blue Bayou Room at The Pirates of the Caribbean. I also showed her the City Hall, which was the building where we auditioned for Walt Disney. I also revisited the Carnation Stage where I performed with my brothers (we've shown the video footage from that during our shows). Visiting Disneyland always brings back a lot of fun memories for me.

Since I don't have any performances for a bit, I'll be studying hard to wind up my biology course, then on to my final class. I am hoping to graduate from Brigham Young University this spring!

In closing, I wanted to share a quote that oldest brother, Virl, recently texted to the family, because he loved it so much. I love it too, so I wanted to share it with all of you...

Have a great February,




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