Topic:  Jay's Favorite Things

Who is the brother you would consider yourself closest to?

My brother Jimmy has always been my little buddy.

You're stranded on a desert island. What books and cd's would you want to have with you?

Journal, Book of Mormon, Bible, encyclopedias.

What's your favorite quality in a person - e.g. enthusiasm, spirituality, honesty, etc.?   

It’s hard to pin it down, bit I would have to say – honesty. 

What personal moment or event in your lifetime would you say is your most favorite, and why?

I’ve had many, but one comes to mind where I was with my family at Wembly in London.  The lights were off, the audience screaming, and the look on my boys’ faces just killed me – that was precious! 

What was/is a favorite piece of memorabilia that you have or are in search of?

A long time ago, there was a trio named “The Book Sisters.”  We performed with them onstage.  They went to an autograph party and brought us back a note from the Beatles to us.  I lost it, but I think it is still around. 

I know when you were young you were interested in photography, do you still love to do that, and if so, what are your favorite things to capture on film? 

I’m more interested now in preserving photos and videos, however, I do use my camera phone on occasion. 

Some people collect dolls, cars, music, etc.  What would your favorite item to collect be?

Unfortunately, I collect everything!  It is hard for me to let go of things. 

Do you have a favorite cartoon character?

Ed of Ed, Edd & Eddy 

I know all church callings are important, but which has been your favorite calling?

Ward mission leader 

What would you do if you lost your favorite thing -- or is your favorite thing even something that can be lost?

My journals are important things to me.  I lost a couple of them, and it took me awhile to stop dwelling on that. 

I know your favorite sport is football.  What is your second favorite and; which sport do you like least?  Speaking of football, who are you cheering for Superbowl Sunday?

Actually, I don't follow football much anymore, however, I still love to throw it around. My second favorite sport is tennis. My least favorite is skiing. 

I know you love football, but what are your thoughts on English soccer and do you have a favorite team?

I think they should have called American football- -soccer. Anyway, I like to kick the soccer ball, and then, throw the football at the soccer ball as it's rolling. I know it sounds crazy, but it's good exercise!

What is your favorite season, and why?

My favorite is Spring. I'm not sure why, but it's always been a fun time for me.

What was your favorite memory of the tour that you did in the UK last year?

There were several, but the memory of looking into the audience and seeing all those smiles, really got to me.

Do you have a favorite perfume (maybe one that you would buy for Kandilyn)?

She wears some pretty great stuff, but the names are always changing.

As a child, did you have a favorite cuddly toy?

My dogs were very comforting to me.

What is your favorite Osmond song, and why?

"Let me in", has to be it! I never tire singing that song. I think it's both the melody and lyrics that somehow rings true to your soul.

What is your favourite book to read - apart  from the Book of Mormon? Is there one book that you enjoy reading over and over?

I have a hard time putting down an atlas. I am a map lover. Actually, anything in geography is great reading.

I know you met a beautiful lady named Kandilyn at BYU and made her your wife.  Could you share with us a few of your favorite memories from attending college at BYU?

BYU was a great place for me, and yes, I met Kandilyn there. She didn't like me at first, but I kept running into her. After about seven times bumping into each other, she finally said yes to going out with me.  BYU is also my first attempt to try something other than show-biz. At first, working at a university was strange, but it was a good experience for me. 

What is your favorite book in the Book of Mormon?

3rd Nephi

Who is your all-time favorite football player and why?

Kenny Stabler was really helpful in giving me pointers on throwing.

Do you still like green as your favorite color?

Yes, can you believe it!?

Who is your favorite artist?

Larry Neilsen

What is your favorite LDS Temple?

Salt Lake Temple

What is your favorite country song of all time?

"Make the world go away" by Marie Osmond

What is your favorite Bible passage or verse? Also, favorite verse or passage from the Book of Mormon?

Proverbs 3:5-6 / Ether 12:27

What is your favorite American National Park?

Yellowstone in Wyoming.

What concert DVDs do you have in your home which would indicate who YOUR favorite groups are?  (OSMOND DVD'S DO NOT COUNT!)  HA!

Actually most of our DVDs are movies, but I think Paul McCartney's latest DVD is my favorite.

What favorite things did you usually take with you on the road that made you feel happy and think of home?

The road is my second home. I'm very comfortable in a hotel room, bus or dressing room.

Who is your favorite fan?  .... only joking!  :)   Who is your favorite person outside of your immediate family .. and why?

That's a hard one. I like to be around a lot of different kinds of people.  I can't say that I have a favorite, because everyone is unique. There are those however, I feel more comfortable to be around.

Which flower represents the season you like best?

I like to garden, so I think the weeds!                     

Favorite dream automobile?  What was the fanciest automobile you have ridden in or drove?

I used to have a 450SL, and a Rolls Royce. But, they felt like driving tanks!  Plus, the looks from people made me realize that it wasn't worth it. So, I have to say favorite is the Dodge Durango.

Where is your favorite place in Utah?

My den in my house.

I understand you used to keep horses.  Can you tell us about your favorite horse/horses you used to ride?

My father had a ranch in Avon, Utah. We used to go there once or twice a year, and help round up the cows. Plus, we would barrel race with the horses. I thought all that horsin’ around was fun!

Do you have a place you like to visit and consider it your favorite?  This could be a state, country, city, or special place like a museum.

We go to Ogden, Utah once in a while. It brings back a lot of happy memories.

Where was your favorite place to take your girlfriends when you were dating?

I think I visited every eating place in Utah County. They were all fun!

What are your favorite things to do in your offtime besides foodball?

When I have time off, I usually spend it at home with my wife and crazy kids (and a cat).

Do you have a favorite place that you like to go to when you want to think about things?

I like to get in my car, and take off somewhere. It is good therapy. My mother recommended that strategy a long time ago to me, and it works!

What was your favorite recipe that your mother made?

She called it "Einstein Salad" after me, because when I was younger, I called her salad with "enzymes,”  "Einstein."

What type of books do you enjoy reading?

Geography and Spanish books.

What is your favorite song to drum to?  In 1975, I heard you drumming to the Ohio Players song, "Fire."  In addition, who is your favorite drummer?

Jimmy Gordon, was my favorite drummer and mentor. He recommended (as I do now), that playing along to songs that "groove" can really improve your playing.

Is Holland one of your favorite countries, and do you have a favorite Dutch snack/food that you can remember? (Like Herring or 'Poffertjes' or Liquorice?)

Holland is where Kandi and I spent our Honeymoon. We loved that place. I don't remember a favorite food though. 

With Valentines Day coming up, what is your favorite meal (including starters, main course and sweet) which you would love Kandilyn to cook for you?

Spaghetti is still my favorite dish. Starters--a salad, and for a sweet, vanilla ice cream, and pumpkin pie.

Who was your favorite teacher and what was it about that person that made them so special to you?

My favorite teacher was my neighbor Mrs. Morse.  She was also my first grade teacher. I think her calm ways of teaching impressed me as a kid.

What is the most favorite thing you like to do with your family?

We sit around the dinner table and just talk, laugh, and listen! That has to be the most relaxing, fun, and silly thing a family can do.

Other than playing the drums, what is your favorite hobby?

I love to go on "Google earth" with Marcus and see the different places we've been.  I also, love to listen to Jason and Eric play their instruments, and watch a silly documentary with Kandilyn.

When TOTP2 play Crazy Horses, they state in a caption that your favorite sandwich back in 1972 was tuna and avocado.  Was that true, and if so, is that still your favorite sandwich?

Believe it or not, it still is! "Subway" is my favorite place to get it too!

Your house is on fire...your wife and kids are out of the house safe....your family heirlooms and photos are in their hands, the pets are with well as their favorite things.  What is the one item you are most likely carrying out of the burning house?

My robe!

Who are your favorite (current) music artists?

I think (most of) the music that the kids play is cool, but the names of the groups (which seem to change monthly) are really strange.


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