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In 2005, Terri Shoemaker made a move to North Carolina after residing in Michigan all of her life. She worked as a school secretary since 1976 in the school district she graduated from as an honor student, and retired from that position August 2005. She remains webmaster for that school system long-distance.  She is married, and lived near the same city as her parents and two sisters and their families (which include a niece and nephew who are the “apple of Terri’s eye!”). Terri’s husband always loved getting her out on their boat which they zipped up and down the Detroit River on.  Now they live on a lake - it is a dream come true for both of them, and their family enjoys visiting as often as they can.

Terri is avidly into health and exercise, and has been a vegetarian for more than 20 years. Terri and her husband have three kitties they absolutely adore, JO JO, Elvis Wesley, and their little rescued stray, Allie. It was Jay who taught Terri how quickly we can become attached to pets, and what an important role they play in our lives when he gave JO JO to her as a birthday gift.

Terri remembers first seeing The Osmond Brothers on The Andy Williams Show. She was just a little girl, but can remember asking, “Who are those cute little boys!?” Terri has the highest regard for all of the Osmond family, and says they truly have been an inspiration and joy to her for most of her life.

In July of 1998, Terri started her own webpage, which soon found its way to being a dedication to Jay Osmond. In the Fall of 1998, she developed "The Beat ~ Friends and Supporters of Jay Osmond." A goal of "The Beat" is to bring people together through the common bond of their love and support for Jay Osmond. Jay himself enjoyed Terri's website, and began to support it…which was quite an honor for Terri. This support from Jay was followed by the move of "The Beat" to osmond.com. 
January 1, 2003 saw the premiere of Wayne, Merrill and Jay's site, osmondbrothers.com, of which Terri was co-webmaster.  September 2004, Jay's own domain, www.jayosmond.com, was developed, of which Terri is webmanager.

A few years back, Terri developed a site for David Osmond (Virl's son). Terri enjoyed getting to know David and was pleased to have had the opportunity to create a site for him. Terri also created the site dedicated to the movie about the Osmond Family, "Inside The Osmonds," which aired on ABC television in February 2001.

When Wayne, Merrill and Jay began their "Back On The Road Again" Tour in June of 2000, she was asked to take on some additional duties.

Over the past several years, she has coordinated the brothers' public relations needs, merchandise line, travel arrangements, and worked with their booking agents.  Today, Terri thoroughly enjoys working with Jay as his personal assistant and webmanager, and also owns and operates the official merchandise line "OsMerch."  She also advances The Osmond Brothers' U.S. concert dates.

June 2010 Terri finished co-authoring Jay's book, "Stages - An Autobiography" with him. Jay's wife, Kandilyn, was also a contributor to this project - which took approximately two years to write.  Amy Osmond-Cook of Sourced Media Books (Wayne's daughter) is the book's publisher, and Brandon Osmond (Donny's son) was the photographer for the book's covers.  The book released August 5, 2010.  Terri was very honored to be a part of this special project.



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